Education The Core Foundation In Shaping The Young India

Education is a grossly misinterpreted word in Asia. Education into the real sense is knowledge which one gains through the utilization of head and application of exactly what was learnt into the sphere that is relevant. Himself instantly comes into mind who is perpetually drowned by the challenges of learning by the rote method without getting an opportunity to explore or give definition to his imagination when we talk about education at theK12 level, an image of a young child with a bag bigger than.

College provides them freedom that is instant the young adult is not used to. Three years of missing classes, hanging out with friends, precious time wasted with absolutely no gain in knowledge. A post-graduation comes as a relief to some distraught parents who hope that their offspring may finally find a direction in life with a suitable career after.

A lot of people just take a time that is long be trained at the job and shift jobs frequently in the quest to learn more and more. WHY does this learning process start on the job? Why doesn’t our education system prepare our young minds to be more effective at the workplace from day one? Perform some corporates in this day and age have the patience to train on the job or are they looking for trained professionals?

The solution to most of the above is the fact that days of generalists is over. Just like a pilot cannot make the plane take off without learning how to fly an aircraft, a surgeon cannot perform surgery without learning the human anatomy, every field calls for professionals focussed regarding the particular industry that a person desires to be belong to. The growth of a generalist is quite limited. A simple graduation or post-graduation gives a basic knowledge to the candidate. The requirement of today is specialised education aimed at grooming professionals that are young are job ready and start to become effective for the recruiter from day one.

Several educational institutes like international college of financial planning (ICFP) offer such specialised programs in finance and management. ICFP since its inception in2002 has been dedicated to knowledge that is imparting creating a breed of young experts who can add on an absolute value to the corporate world and certainly will become a play and plug resource for the recruiters.

The industry incorporated curriculum of this programs offered : MBA in economic planning and MBA in Financial Analysis have actually in built international certifications like CFPtm and CFAtm respectively, multiple professional certifications like NISM(mutual funds), NCFM from NSE and MCCP from MCX,in addition to that with a government recognised degree the avenues that open up to a student is huge. They may look for opportunities in the banking sector, financial servicesfirms, research houses, broking firms, KPO’s , family business etc., not only in India but also internationally. Those seeking to pursue further studies can easily do so if one wants to pursue a PHD since they have the advantage of a getting a degree and not a diploma which may not be valid.

General knowledge, regardless of how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of little use in the accumulation of money. Education just for the sake of attaining a degree would only result in shaping a weak young India with most of the youth turning towards western countries for a form of education which gives them a relevant exposure.

Specialized education directed at creating young, enthusiastic, ethical experts is really what is required for shaping up a powerful young India.